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About Fort 3

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FORTE 3 ARMAZÉNS GERAIS LTDA, headquartered in the city of Sorriso - MT in Brazil, we are working to rationalize production with strategic partners in order to provide the best price and high quality products directly to producers and to importing companies. concentrated in the national agribusiness capital, the largest independent exporter/main international food supplier. We have partnerships and contracts with farms and factories in Brazil.

Our mission is to export food around the world, satisfying our customers' needs to ensure satisfaction and create a long-term relationship.

Our company

Our path has been made with a lot of determination, persistence and an entrepreneurial macro vision, which means that we are attentive to the market's inclement weather.

The world economy is undergoing a radical change in several aspects and that is precisely why FORTE 3 has stood out as a pioneer company in its objective and fast way of acting.

In addition, we are trained and qualified to take care of the entire export and import process, ensuring you even more safety and quality from end to end.


Our strategic planning is in all of our businesses and in specific areas, such as marketing, structuring of clients' businesses, company, product launches, among others. It is he who will dictate how the organization can differentiate itself to gain competitiveness and beat other competitors. 

Regardless of the niche, understanding the real meaning of strategic planning makes all the difference to   efficiently optimize processes.

We act as a guide to help your company achieve its goals and move towards medium to long-term success as initially planned.

Find out how your company can adopt this model to achieve its main goals and, strategically,  boost business


FORTE 3  has a strong commitment to a more robust and dynamic corporate governance structure that is essential to its long-term prosperity and success. international best practices and meets all regulatory requirements.

Environment and Sustainability

FORTE 3, searches in its concepts of sustainability the characteristics or condition of a process or of a system that allows its permanence, at a certain level, for a certain period of time. Lately, this concept has become a principle according to which the use of natural resources to satisfy present needs cannot compromise the satisfaction of the needs of future generations. This new principle has been expanded into the term "long-term sustainability", an undefined term "long-term".

Sustainability can also be defined as the ability of human beings to interact with the world, preserving the environment so as not to compromise the natural resources of future generations. The concept of sustainability is complex, as it addresses a number of interdependent variables, but we can say that it must have the ability to integrate social, energy, economic, and environmental issues.

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