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Solutions for a future


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Products and services

Although the two concepts are distinct, they have points in common and, often, one can be embedded in the other. In addition, there are companies that only sell products, others that only provide services, and many that offer both to their customers. There are situations where the person gets confused and uses the wrong name. It is true that the so-called " service sector " also includes commerce, which sells products made by other sectors (industry and agriculture). But let's go in stages.

fertilizers and
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FORTE 3 ARMAZENS GERAIS LTDA,  based in the city of Sorriso - MT in Brazil, we are working to rationalize production with strategic partners in order to provide the best price and high quality products directly. for producers and for importing companies, it is concentrated in the national agribusiness capital, the largest independent exporter/main international supplier of food. We have partnerships and contracts with farms and factories in Brazil.

Our mission is to export food to all over the world, satisfying the needs of our customers to guarantee satisfaction and create a long-term relationship.

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